Sunday, March 10, 2019

Product Review: CBD Living Water

I was sent a 6-pack of this bottled water to review. It has a lovely taste. We're on well water, which is a different kettle of fish, for some! We're used to natural water.

I sat down, and had some one afternoon. It has a nice buzz. I was having trouble comparing my regular medical marijuana oil dosage to the water, it's a bit complicated. I find my medical marijuana (MM – see below) makes me thirsty, not hungry. The water was very refreshing.

I would recommend this product and this company, if this is your thing. They provide good service. (Below is the product information.) It's an interesting concept.

The CBD Living Water shipped well, although a couple of bottles fell over in the box. They were fine. The box was open along the one side. Whoopsie somewhere.

I tracked it from UPS, then it ended up with Canada Post. This was funny. It was delivered to my door by my mail carrier. All very convenient. They didn't have any info for the Canada Post progress. That was interesting, as my carrier is a woman, thankfully. I'd just taken off my wet pants from my snowshoe trip, and I was wrapped in a blanket. We had a good laugh about that.

Product information from the company:

CBD Living Water is the flagship product from global CBD manufacturer CBD Living. CBD Living Water is crisp 9+ pH alkaline water infused with 10 mg of nano-CBD per bottle, designed to help with pain relief and anxiety as well as lower body acidity.
Although CBD Living Water was one of the first CBD waters to hit the market, today marks the launch of a brand-new formulation, which contains double the amount of CBD as the previous water, in addition to an alkaline pH. Studies have shown links between alkaline water and elimination of environmental toxins, boosted immunity and reduced acidity in the body, which is commonly caused by poor diet, caffeinated beverages, alcohol and stress and can lead to ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux.
CBD Living is one of the first truly global CBD companies, providing worldwide shipping to all countries where CBD is legal. 

Full disclosure..

I take Medical Marijuana (MM) CBD oil, bought online from Tweed, so I was interested in seeing what the water is like. My oil comes with warnings not to drive, and tells you to start small, and slowly increase the dosage until you find the right amount. That would be good to include with the CBD Living Water

I take anywhere from 5 - 8 mL at night, or if my anxiety and depression or arthritis symptoms are bad, during the day. At night I often take a dose, as it really helps me sleep, and stops the relentless nightmares I tend to have. My oil is balanced with both THC and CBD. I do not drive if I have taken any, nor do I have any alcohol. 


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LoganZ said...

Yeah, CBD oil should be legalized in all countries around the world!

It's definitely better than cannabis.