Wednesday, July 11, 2018

28th annual conference for the International Cannabinoid Research Society

Image result for tweed medical marijuanaCanada is set to legalize marijuana.  The new Canadian laws forbid celebrities advertising for companies.

Our nearby facility, Tweed - Canadian Cannabis,  has been producing medical marijuana for a few years. Their packaging is getting to be pretty sweet.
Image result for tweed medical marijuana
This would be an interesting conference. Much research is being done.

Cannabinoid Research Company ebbu Returns to Annual Meeting of World’s Top Cannabis Researchers, Presenting New Study Findings on Mood Effects

LEIDEN, The Netherlands—July 11, 2018—Pioneering cannabis science firm ebbu has released findings from its innovative clinical research into the mood effects of cannabis. These findings were presented this week at the 28th annual conference for the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), where the world’s foremost cannabis researchers convened to discuss ongoing studies and findings with their peers, gain valuable feedback and forge partnerships with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of how the body processes and is affected by cannabis.

ebbu Director of Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Jonathan Martin 

About ebbu
Colorado-based ebbu is generating clinically-proven cannabinoid formulations for medicine, and mainstreaming hemp and adult-use cannabis by creating consistent, predictable sensations. ebbu partners with category-leading companies to power infused products using its patented, lab-tested and science-based platform. For more information, visit

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