Thursday, March 1, 2018

Reach Isolated Seniors Everywhere.

Sunday March 11,
the day Canadians reach out to a lonely senior

RISE Sunday, March 11, is a key moment in a national awareness campaign called Reach Isolated Seniors Everywhere.

The goal of the RISE campaign is to make Canadians of all ages, cultures and regions become aware of the impact of social isolation and loneliness on their older family members, friends and neighbours – and to take action.

Over a million Canadian seniors say they are lonely and have limited social activity. For most of them, this feeling of loneliness worsens as winter drags on and they feel trapped inside by icy sidewalks and cold weather.  It is especially hard for those without family or friends nearby or who no longer have a driver's license. 

On the weekend of March 11, when we move our clocks forward, HelpAge Canada and dozens of local and regional organizations across the country invite everyone to brighten the day of a senior in their life - a parent, a friend, a neighbour, a relative. 

Small gestures like a call, an invitation to go for coffee, a walk can make a big difference for someone who is lonely and cut off from other people.

HelpAge Canada is the founding organization of the RISE campaign, a grassroots effort of organizations all across Canada.  
Make a difference in the life of an isolated senior on RISE Sunday and in the years to come.

Jacques Bertrand: 438-888-7766 

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