Saturday, March 3, 2018

brain tumour survival

Large study shows brain tumour survival progress “generally flat”, with major differences between countries

Cancer survival across the globe is increasing, but adult brain tumour survival is “generally rather flat”. This was the finding of a new study published in The Lancet (download available with free registration) that involved 37.5 million patients of 18 cancer types from 71 countries between 2000-2014. Large regional differences were observed in brain tumour outcomes: between 2010-2014, five-year survival was 14·7% in Thailand and 42.2% in Croatia. Of the countries assessed, 24 countries showed some survival improvements. Across the globe, overall brain tumour survival in childhood was found to be better than for adults. Over the same period, five-year survival for childhood brain tumours was close to 80% in Denmark, Slovakia, and Sweden, but less than 40% in Brazil and Mexico. Read more (Cancer Research UK news item on overall results).

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