Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Canada has world's third-highest drug prices

Cancer drugs. Some are covered, but others, for example for leukemia are not ($5100), even by private plans. Hubby's anti-androgen drug costs $1100. (See left. We buy it at the pharmacy and take it into the hospital.)

A physician may well prescribe a drug that includes two things, thinking it helps the patient, but the more expensive drug, at three times the cost, won't be covered by a private plan.
They are developing a computer program to advise the physician of the costs of various drugs. My plan, at around $300/mos., won't cover anything but generic drugs. This is insane.

CBC's The National

Canada has world's third-highest drug prices
(video runtime 4:12) 

Mina Tadrous is a research associate at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. I sit on the

ODPRN Citizen's Panel, which his group leads.  

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