Saturday, August 26, 2017

Naturopath: Healthcare visit #63

We had another healthcare appointment with Dr. Jenn, hubby's naturopath. The purpose of the meeting was an update on recent tests (Bone scan, CT Scan, PSA, ultrasound), and upcoming anti-androgen intermittent therapy.
He handed her all the reports we had, a hard copy is a good thing.
Since his surgery we've been watching and waiting.
Anti-hormone therapy began Wednesday, with pills. In a couple of weeks we'll go to the doctor, taking the medication we pick up at the pharmacy, and they'll do the deed. This will happen every three months.

(All of this is based on excellent research, by Canadian researchers, who determine the course of action. It would be different if his cancer had progressed, as it often does, to bone cancer. This isn't the case. His cancer cells are limited to his lymph nodes in his groin, near the prostate site.)

We went back to Dr. Jenn, and handed over report after report, she stapled them, taking notes on her laptop.
The good news is, his cholesterol is down, he's reduced his meds for that. 
While the tests showed he has a small gallstone, Dr. Jenn said that probably with crappy diet he'd have pain. 

Side effects of anti-androgens: bone mass? Bone density?
Fatigue, lethargy, bone loss, calcium, anemia, weight gain less common. Hot flashes. Won't preclude activities, fully expect doing these (therapeutic riding volunteer, Meals on Wheels).

July , 2014 first mtg!
Volunteering, lots of standing, no lifting. 79.5 kg.
Non-dairy.vegan diet, with meat, no yeast. She suggested we keep hormone exposure minimal by eating organic meat.
Diet is good. 
Bioenzyme also, liquid calcium, pectosol .
More cofactors for absorption: osteo, cow bones, bigger molecule, boron-free. 
Thursday or Friday, should be here.
Renew mushroom, shiitake , herecium. Mushroom complex, mitigation if side effects. More modulating than stimulating, three times day. 
Made up a chart. 

CT Scan

Crappy photos in the waiting room. It's in a gym!

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