Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reports on Aging; treatment plans

This is a bit simplistic, however, they are good questions to ask both your doctor, or perhaps your pharmacist.

I prefer that patients ask more overarching questions, such as the overall treatment plan.
This list is appropriate for all patients. 
  1. Write down symptoms, use an agenda, notebook or planner, filling extra notes. 
  2. Save the list from the pharmacy, which lists all of your prior medications. Tape it into your agenda.
  3. Write down all over-the-counter medications. They may be important, including vitamins and other supplements, e.g., creams, herbs, lotions.
  4. Create questions for your doctor. They may include: 

  • What might be causing my signs and symptoms? 
  • Are tests needed to confirm the diagnosis? 
  • What treatment approach do you recommend? 
  • What are the side effects from this treatment?
  • What are the alternatives to the primary treatment approach that you're suggesting? 
  • What health routines do you recommend to improve my symptoms?
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