Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PART L: Urologist follow-up

He's continuing on his naturopathic immunity boosters. His PSA has risen a tad in 6 months. It's what we hoped for, a slow trajectory.

Visit #50 for healthcare

10:30 appointment

8:20 left house Construction River Rd. Manotick, took Limebank, backed up into the intersection. Passed a factory building that caught fire at 10:45-ish.
10:00 arrived at waiting room "I", although hubby wanted to try "H" It's funny how I remember the right room, he doesn't!
10:40 Intern came and got us. Dr. C. is in a meeting. He's head of urology.
Dr. C. Is working with a target for 5 - 10 PSA level until anti-androgen treatment.
Intern asked about symptoms.
If stomach or colon issues it'd be consistent, likely diet is causing the issue. Constipation, stool softener helps. Colonoscopy was negative, likely not cancer. Maybe need to increase fluids, urine should be lighter than a post-it note. We have noted, in our non-flushing drought period, this isn't the case! No leakage, bladder frequency sometimes, 5 - 6 times/hour. No blood in urine.
Happy Pills for anxiety helps the frequency. No bone pain, weight the same, which is good. Back in 6 mos. for PSA: January!
Saw Vanessa, appointment made. Back on the road. Much construction in spots. We anticipated coming down Limebank, again, but there was a massive fire. The dashcam pooched out on me, no photos. Lots of buzz on social media regarding the fire, though.
12:00 Arrived at The Swan for lunch. Went to Merrickville for sorbet ice cream cone for hubby.
2:30 home again. Deep breath.

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