Saturday, June 11, 2016

The impact of dementia: disinhibitions and violence

Here is an interesting dilemma. In Canada, our biggest problem is taking the car keys from our parents who are facing issues like dementia.
Here is an interesting Times article, based on research from PEW.

Another Delicate Topic With Aging: When Is It Time to Give Up Guns?

  • Last month,  Rolfe Pilati (87), killed his wife before shooting himself at their Virginia home. A son told investigators that Mr. Pilati had dementia. 
  • In Minnesota a man with Alzheimer’s, Kenneth Bowser , 90, fatally shot his son, telling investigators that he feared the son would kill him.
  • In other recent cases, people with dementia have killed or injured friends and relatives in Oregon, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee.
  • In the US,  40 %; of the country’s older population has a firearm in the home, according to the Pew Research Center, and about 11% of people 65 and older have Alzheimer’s.
  • In 2014, more than 5,000 people 65 and older committed suicide using a firearm. The same year, at least 200  people in that age group killed someone else, according to the F.B.I. 

Why do you own a gun?

guns in the US

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