Sunday, June 5, 2016

Family Caregivers in Ontario

New Report Takes a Closer Look at Family Caregivers in Ontario
The Change Foundation released an in-depth review of Ontario-specific data from Statistics Canada’s 2012 General Social Survey on caregivers and caregiving. The report helps to paint a more complete picture of the province's family caregivers in a number of key demographic categories. Read more
The report's key findings include:
  • An estimated 3.3 million Ontarians, 29% of the provincial population, are family caregivers.
  • 53% (1.8 million) of caregivers are women and 47% (1.5 million) are men.
  • Nearly three in 10 caregivers perform medical treatments such as tube feedings, wound care and injections.
  • 2.5 million Ontario caregivers are balancing caregiving duties with paid employment and of these caregivers:
    • 30% (741,000 people) were late for work or had to leave early;
    • 29% (735,000 people) missed an average of six days of work because of caregiving duties; and
    • 1% (33,000 caregivers) left their employment voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • One million caregivers said they felt they had no choice in taking on their caregiving responsibilities.

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