Friday, April 29, 2016

Eye surgery on papilloma tumour

9:45 a.m. We went into the city to have eye surgery by the same physician who worked on hubby's ingrown eyelash follicle. It was a 93-km trip to visit the surgeon.

This is a doctor who specializes in eye surgery in Ottawa. It is a luxurious office, with amazing decor.

Arrived 11:07 a.m. for an 11:30 appointment.
Booties to put on, forms to fill.
Did the paperwork.

He'd been fasting eight hours, which isn't so much the problem as having to miss morning coffee!
They have dippy videos running. This time it was Oprah narrating the sex life of clown fish, Gobi fish, and some other wee fish I do not recall. I managed to read a small book: Harriet Quimby. It's a busy spot, with quite a few patients coming and going. He's doing quite well for himself!
There are two waiting rooms on the outside, another two within the doors.

They escorted JB to the inner room around noon. An eyelid papilloma is any lesion on the eyelid that is papillomatous, that is, of smooth, rounded, or pedunculated elevation.
This small tumour is a result of Papilloma virus.
Usually a benign tumour,
 they sent it off for biopsy.

12:34 p.m. JB came out, he told me he was still in room waiting... He suggested I go have some lunch. I was feeling a bit queasy and thought I'd skip lunch for now. Back to my book. Patients and escorts came and went. There must have been about 10 patients during my time there. Some were there for follow-ups, others for surgery. Since a sedative is involved, one cannot drive oneself home!

day 1
1:38 p.m. He was finally out of surgery. I saw him move from the surgical room to the recovery room. They gave him juice and a warmed muffin. They sit in recovery for 20 minutes to ensure that all was well.

2:00 p.m.  We were out to the car. Recovery instructions and an antibiotic salve prescription.

3:35 p.m.  We arrived home. I threw him out of the car and went into town to have his prescription filled, and find myself some lunch. I should have stopped for some water and a pit stop. Duh.
Prescription filled, I fetched some wine and a roast chicken for my lunch, back to the drug store for the Rx. He had reheated himself some leftover chili and made himself a coffee. Still somewhat relaxed and sedated.

 5:14 p.m. I finally arrived home. There were a couple of scares on Ontario's highways and biways. Sheesh, it is unnerving!


shiny with the antibiotic creme

 Each day it gets better.
May 6th

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oh glad it went well so far. Always something these days, sigh.