Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Physician-Assisted Death is a Canadian's legal right

Publicly-funded institutions MUST offer referrals for physician-assisted death. Full stop. It's the lega
l right of citizens. Look at the mess Ontario has made of taxpayer dollars going into Catholic schools.

The language of physician-assisted death is key. It's not euthanasia, but a choice by a sentient, adult human being, who is assisted by medical professionals. It's now the law. We need good parameters. It is my right to make this choice. Most will not, but want the option. My clients with ALS, MS, approaching death and dementia, want to know they can make this choice.

Catholic hospitals refuse to comply to new doctor-assisted dying law

As the Supreme Court affirmed the right to die, it ruled doctors have a conscientious or religious right to refuse. In Canada, publicly-funded hospitals run by Roman Catholic orders are making it clear they won't be agreeing with requests for death. 

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