Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Staffing shortages in LTC: no breakfast or support for residents

It's a terrible story. It is most difficult in more northern communities, where it is difficult to maintain staff when illness strikes. Such homes need to keep spare staff, but, like replacing a teacher, staff have to be able to earn a living.

A section of Hogarth Riverview Manor was short-handed for two hours after a staff member ...

Staffing shortage left several residents without breakfast on Saturday at Hogarth Riverview Manor

According to Meaghan Sharp, vice-president of senior’s health and chief nursing executive at St. Joseph’s Care Group, overall staffing ratios at the new facility are lower than they were at the city-run Dawson Court and Grandview Lodge, where many of the residents formerly lived.
Each unit at the new Hogarth Riverview Manor houses 32 residents. During the day there are three personal support workers assigned to each unit.

Each unit also has a complement of registered practical nurses and there is a registered nurse on duty to oversee the entire operation. The numbers are lower in the evenings and overnight.

Sharp said they are at the mercy of the funding they receive through the regional Local Health Integration Network.

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