Sunday, February 28, 2016

New network aims to wean seniors off inappropriate prescription drugs

What we need to do is have Big Pharmas test drugs on seniors, as well as the use of drugs for complex chronic diseases. The research simply isn't there for research-based prescriptions. Drugs haven't been tested on seniors in the past. We simply didn't live long enough for the pharmaceuticals to test. They would test these drugs on people under age 65.

I want to be able to have effective drugs, which help my symptoms.

Innovation continues: Barb Farrell is a scientist at the Bruyere Research Institute in Ottawa who is part of the newly created Canadian Deprescribing Network.…/new-network-aims-to-wean-seniors…

If Barb Farrell has her way, seniors in Canada will cut their use of questionable prescription drugs in half over the next four years.

Deprescribing medications for seniors a safety priority
Health-care workers, patient groups and governments are striving to cut inappropriate prescriptions for seniors by 50 per cent by 2020. The fledgling ...

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