Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Ontario Liberal Government Has Quietly Scrapped the PSW Registry

PSW helping my dad
This headline is a shock. Maybe not.
The registry was virtually useless, since they outsourced it, and no one confirmed the qualifications of the personal support workers (PSW) who registered.

We are short PSWs, as well as nurses, who can earn more money, depending upon their employer. The terrible PSWs make the news, but can be hired elsewhere. Some are fired, with no recourse for wounded families.

They didn't enforce basic qualifications, they didn't regulate the workers, they did NOT ensure that all who provide intimate care in private homes, retirement homes, long-term care or hospitals, were trained consistently.

Some felt it was a first step, but no one wants to invest dollars is improving the delivery of these services, for workers who make between minimum wage and $20/hour, depending upon where they worked and for whom. Some don't get travel time between private homes.

Liberals quietly scrap PSW registry

Four years after Ontario’s Liberals promised to protect patients by creating a registry for personal support workers, the Kathleen Wynne government has pulled the plug on the registry, flushing away more than $1 million spent to create it, an opposition critic says.
But Ontario Liberals instead have perpetuated a system in which PSWs make less than minimum wage, their modest salaries eroded by travel time for which they’re poorly paid, Gelinas said. The result has been high turnover and compromised care. A revolving door of PSWs doesn’t know the needs of their patients, who in turn, feel uncomfortable dealing with new faces, Gelinas said.
Former health minister Deb Matthews trumpeted the registry when it was launched in 2012.

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