Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is it a virus or bacterial?

I have a better appreciation for those with respiratory illnesses. That constitutes many of my clients, actually. COPD is common around here. There are a lot of smokers, as well. Hubby took me to the ER, last week, as I couldn't breathe for the phlegm. It helps me understand those who face ALS. One of the things that often happens is that the disease attacks the autonomic functioning of the lungs. All else goes by the wayside. No energy, tired, unable to find a reason to get up and get going.

Those are my lessons. One of the things I am all for is physician-assisted end-of-life. Where there is no hope, and only discomfort and an inevitable end... That is my two cents! It's nothing to do with those who are long-term disabled, but the quality of life of those who are terminal.

My mistake was listening to all the talk about antibiotic-immune bugs. For my B. A. (ECE - 1979) 25 years teaching (1981 - 2006), and years since, I get a bad cold virus, which, inevitably, turns to a bacterial infection. I know my body. I know what happens year after year. I need antibiotics and cannot conquer this infection without.

It started Mon., Nov. 23rd, when I woke up stuffed and with bacterial infection. Then, Nov. 27th, when it spread to my lungs, hubby took me into the ER. Yes, said the ER physician, it is a viral infection. The X-ray doesn't show pneumonia. This discounts the half hour every morning that I had to spend clearing out my sinuses and lungs of bacteria. It was lessening, slowly, every day, but I still felt lethargic. No fever, but feeling cold sometimes. I have two puffers to help me clear out the virus-induced asthma that I get all the time now.

Finally, bless his heart, our GP fit us in on Wed., Dec. 2nd. His staff, protecting him, tried to give me a day-after appointment. He said, no, and fit me in yesterday. He told me that while it is viral, there are many who cannot fight this bacteria. I feel 50% better.

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