Sunday, September 27, 2015

Senior drivers in the news: testing should start at age 70

Seniors are complaining about the new test rules for Ontario drivers over age 80. I think they should begin at age 70, and all should be road-tested. We restrict new drivers, older drivers tend to get lulled into bad habits. That, and the physical deterioration of old age. I have had a pinched nerve, and couldn't check my blind spot. I stopped driving.
There are many horrible drivers out there. I cannot imagine they get better with age, either!
Kelly Egan, an Ottawa Citizen writer, seems to be advocating!

Senior driver's licence renewal program

Feb. 18, 2014 - Ontario searched high and wide for an easy screening test to help determine if older drivers should be yanked off the road for incompetence. For those over 80, it boiled ...

One day last week, Ken MacLennan rose tentatively to the podium in courtroom 13, a wise old man against the world. On April 21, those rules are to be adjusted. Ontario is asking older drivers to take a vision test, have a driving-record review, join a group education class and take a couple of cognitive tests — basically to ensure their faculties are intact.
MacLennan, like many of his vintage, believes he is being singled out only on the basis of age, though his cohorts tend to drive less, slower and safer than other age groups.

The Canadian Automobile Association is set to launch an online tool to help seniors stay safe behind the wheel. CAA’s senior’s driving website or ‘portal’ to be announced on Tuesday ...

Egan: Deaths among plus-50 motorcyclists soaring across Ontario

Ottawa Citizen-Jun 23, 2015
In 1972, there were 3.7 million licensed drivers in Ontario and 1,934 ... (Of the 55 motorcyclists who died in 2012, 22 were 45 or older. ... twice writing off the motorcycle, including once at the age of 16. 

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