Sunday, September 6, 2015

PART XLV: Appointment with naturopath

#45 Dr. Jenn 

Hubby needed refills... He's had mouth sores, as well as other issues.

1. Protein powder smoothies, put glutamine into smoothie
 2. Continue with 1 scoop glutamine/day Bioenzymes good, keep one probiotic per day for immunity, egg cycled with herocium = anti-cancer,
3. Trident = omega 2 caps per day good
4. Eye issue: homeopathic: Eyebright pills, good for dryness, 1 per day for 10 days, right at bedtime, under tongue and it dissolves. energetic form of energy. Ingest the energy and stimulates healing on that level.
5. Canker mouth sore: Kanker didn't do him any good, it burned his mouth, as he used it too long.
The mouthwash: Colgate with peroxyl, has helped.
Thieves: comb of essential oils, clove oil, lemon oil, cinnamon and rosemary.
a) topically, several times a day,
b) swish and swirl, in some water, OK if you swallow
c) oil pulling: TBS coconut oil with a drop, swirl around mouth for up to 20 min. = detoxifying. Don't swallow. Daily at first... weekly for maintenance.

6. Urinary frequency: continue with clonazapine to calm him down.

I created him charts for his supplements. I even made one for a friend.

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