Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Healthcare appointment #46 –ingrown eyelash follicle

#46 Sept. 22 Eyelid Surgical Centre appointment for 1:30

Hubby's had an ingrown eyelash coming back. We were sent to Ottawa to have it lasered and removed. It irritates the eye and was becoming more frequent after the optometrist removed it three times.
As we age, things just break down. Thank goodness for our healthcare system.

11:45 left the house.

1:04 Arrived. There were 3 forms to fill in, and booties to put on.

They were rerunning a documentary on the Galapogos Isl., highlighting the manner by which Darwin noticed the variation in species, which evolved from island to island, depending up on conditions.
The frigate bird ate the wren, wren uses small stick, branch to dig out grubs. It would have been great to watch, except the room arrangement did not suit the placement of the TVs compared to the chairs.

2:00 Nurse ushered us into the room. BP: 142/85 She told us we'd see Dr. McKewen- anesthetist for pain, discomfort.

2:41 still waiting...I got pretty bored, and my back was hurting.

2:52 Dr. MacDonald arrived: examined the eye, used the microscope, marked the spot. He explained it may or may not be the same follicle. We may have to come back. I hope not. He'd removed one of his own eyelashes similarly ingrown, and it did not return.

They whisked him away into the operating room. The secretary told me 30 minutes. I went outside to sit in the sunshine in the car.
There was a car there, motor running A/C on, while a husband waited for his wife. They left at 3:25. What does Climate Change mean to people with money to burn? Anything? It was a warm day, but not hot. Only 23 C. the high temperature.

2:30 The secretary left, only two cars left in the parking lot, aside from mine. The nurse waved me in, I peeked and could see her. Hubby still had his IV in, they were feeding him a snack, as he'd fasted since 5:30 a.m., and he had a muffin and juice. I hadn't eaten since 10:00 a.m. and was peckish but anxious to beat the rush hour traffic.
Drivers are crazy out there

2:42 Nurse removed his IV, taped him up, gave him an appointment for follow-up, and off we went. Crazy drivers on the road. He can't drive for 24 hours. He has a GP appointment at 11:00 a.m. the next day, Wednesday.

5:01 Arrived Perth to get cream Rx filled. I popped over to buy some frozen dinners.

6:00 Home. Nuked some meals. Relaxed.
I took a photo of his eye. Always good to have an idea of what it looked like post-surgery in case there were complications. There was some bruising under the corner of the eye.

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