Monday, August 17, 2015

PART XLIII: consult with GP

#43 Consult with Dr. Dan

 Ushered right into the office, only 8 km away!  BP 146/59, not so bad.

 11:45 What is your understanding of your illness at this time?

Two recent reports, printed off for us.

 Bone and CT Scan printed for us. There is a ridge near operative bed where scar tissue could be.
Hubby's had 7 rectal exams None thought this an issue.
Biopsy negative.
Mesorectal lymph nodes are swollen
This is the illustration by the radiation oncologist
 Dr. C. concerned about the area. If there is no spread, they could go ahead with anti-androgen. With reduction in the size of the lymph nodes, they could administer a 2/3 lower dose.
The radiation oncologist, Dr. K, says there is a 10% chance of damage, and a 25% chance of curing cancer.

The Rx is for zoladex and cacidex, anti-androgen therapy. Start zoladex before cadidex. one dose subcutaneously every 3 mos. needle zoladex could be administered here. 3 mos. back to him strangling PSA cells and likely shrink it. scar tissue close off bladder, (chance) colostomy bag bag, catheter would change life. bladder frequency a risk, too. even if it doesn't cure it could control, do use radiation to control cancer, would slow it down and push the schedule back, if not curative, depriving the cancer cells of fuel vs. controlling it. impossible to predict, we're humans and not absolute science.
"Don't over blow risks of side effects." Stoma nurse could help us to understand the colostomy bag.

There are several videos on-line showing how to changed you colostomy bag. It doesn't look easy.

How to change your ostomy bag

After this appointment we decided not to proceed with radiation. Too much risk. He's healthy and happy and we are enjoying life.

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