Monday, August 24, 2015

Alzheimer's 'Epidemic' Disproved By 22% Lower Dementia Rate in UK Study

The media cannot help but fearmonger. It make readers of us.
Time to take data and not run opinion polls by for-profits, like CALTC. Many of us are caring well for those who are ailing.
A recent UK report on dementia statistics tells us that it isn't increasing as many have thought.

Story image for uk study dementia statistics from Yibada (English Edition)

Alzheimer's 'Epidemic' Disproved By 22% Lower Dementia Rates In ...

Yibada (English Edition)-Aug 23, 2015
Dementia rates are leveling out in the United Kingdom (UK) according to a new study, which also argues that an "explosion" of Alzheimer's ...

The Globe and Mail

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