Monday, July 13, 2015

PART XXXVIII: appointment with radiation oncologist

11:00  a.m. left home, construction on Perth Rd.
12:03 arrived at hospital, good driving, no parking issues!!!
Irving Goldberg Cancer Centre
12:14 sat down to do paperwork, quickly ushered into room Module E is wing
12: 25 Dr. Al H took info
 No pain. No symptoms. No leakage.
Asked questions about his background, work life, smoking, etc.  She left by 12:30
12:50 Physical examination: Dr. A.H.
Checking lungs, abdomen, no pain.
Colonoscopy report not on file. Should get that printed. Everything else was sent electronically.
both drs. rectal exam of tissue
CT Scan and bone scan obsolete since over 6 months old. 

Risks of higher dose

Permanent colostomy bag. Urinary leakage, i.e. incontinence.
Kidney function normal, no allergies for the contrast. Ask for contrast allergy test.CT scan of chest. Hormones alone. Can't image it.
Repeat CEA, PSA tests Creatinine.
Gamble could be microscopic disease. Sterilize 6 1/2 wks.

1. metastatic disease = hormones. 
2. no evidence, intent to cure, = hormones and radiation. 
3. don't want treated with intent to cure, go with hormones, 
4. another opinion 
5. surgeon, remove nodes?

PSA cell growth proportional to cancer cells 2, 4, 8
Treat 3 mos.?

 repeat CT Scan,  Bone scan, blood work,  Oman
 on hormones, if shrinks tumours, less gruesome picture of side effects.
Judge on quality of life...
prob more disease than we can image. Take chance to go after it?
Stuff much higher up. Off July 27

planning ct scan,
1:33 nurse, took temperature  26.5, BP 170/83, pulse 90,

Diane or Leanne.
1:42 blood test

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