Friday, July 10, 2015

PART XXXVII: Follow-up to MRI, consult

Thursday, 10 JULY 2015

People have been asking, and it is good news. We have more time, the disease trajectory is slow, and we're not back for another 6 months.  I take notes on the iPad. Then, we review it later. It makes a difference in exploiting the healthcare system to its full potential. I have lots of advice from our journey through Ontario healthcare these past couple of years.

Laugh, a lot. Be silly. Take stuff to do – for you KNOW you will wait! Take snacks, regular medications, and water. Magazines. Selfies are fun. An iPad lets you take notes.

Fort Hemlock Pub Smiths Falls eat out.

Ultrasound guided transrectal biopsy

-biopsy negative, ultrasound clear, 

1. Next appointment with Dr. C. Jan. 21. In six months.
2. Applied for radiation, asked for Queensway-Carleton hospital, upon advice of his 5 buddies. (Phoned next day, appointment July 13th, 12:30.
3. CT Scan, doing creatine blood test prior to the scan.
4. PSA test two weeks before Jan. 21, 2016, appointment.

3:15 back to car, $13 parking.

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