Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PART XXXIX: consult with the GP

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Hubby checked with our GPs office. He spent about 45 minutes with us, answering questions from appointment #38. Our doctor keeps afternoon drop-in appointments available.

#39 Dr. Dan 3:00 We arrived 2:45.
On TV Dr. Oz, helping sell Wallmart fish oils. What a fraud.
2:52 nurse logged in: purpose of visit to discuss recent reports and ask questions.
 PSA of 1.4  =  biochemical recurrence.
 He explained the difference between a radiologist and a urologist. Radiologist expert in radiation, not hormones. Urologist is much more an expert in anti-androgen therapy: efficacy, timelines, when to start, when they begin to fail.
We showed the doctor the drawing. Sending radiation through the reconstructed bladder/urethra connections, could damage healthy and/or scartissue.

They seemed to disagree on Androgen-deprivation therapy and when to start it.
Dr. Dan also explained disease trajectory, based on possible side effects of radiation on surgical sites, and the bowel (incontinence, colostomy bag). Also, some of the issues with bone cancer, which is possible with prostate cancer metastasis.
He spent 45 minutes with us. Bless his heart.

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Nancy J said...

straight talking is what we all need at times like this, Hugs to you both.