Saturday, July 4, 2015

Driving... the Conversation with Older Ontarians (The Medical Process of Aging)

Published on 28 Apr 2015 Featuring Dr. Lindy Kilik, Ph.D. C. Psych.
Queens University and Providence Care-MHS

 As we age, we have to take responsibility for physical changes:
  •  Hearing: wear your hearing aids if you have them
  •  Flexibility and co-ordination - shoulder checks, minimize blind spots. 
  •  Mental functions: attentions, concentration, discriminate between focus of attention, mindful, purposeful driving. 
  • Dementia: Judgement of situations, juggling complex situations (i.e., 4-way stops)
  • Doctors must report individuals they feel are of concern for driving
  • If you are 80 or over, reassessment every two years, they provide strategies, a vision test and cognitive screening.
  • Age-related changes, and other cues, tell you or your loved ones, to stay off of the road.

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