Thursday, July 2, 2015

Assessing Healthcare in Canada

Assessing long-term care facilities: A look at the worst- and best-performing LTC homes in the GTA...
The Canadian Institute for Health Information recently assessed the performance of more than 1,000 long-term care homes across Canada.
Estimate the average cost of hospital services using Patient Cost Estimator. For example,

  • The estimated average hospital cost of a lung transplant is $107,037.
  • The average acute care length of stay for a lung transplant is 32 days.
  • Hospital services for newborns/neonates weighing less than 750 grams cost an average of $155,048 per patient. 
  • The estimated average hospital cost of a unilateral hip replacement is $9,263.
See more data on high-volume patient groups, average costs of hospital services, and lengths of stay using our web tool.

Take a look at the CIHI and Statistic Canada’s Health Indicators e-Publication— now with updated results for 27 CIHI indicators and 3 Statistics Canada indicators. Customize your search of these indicators in the following ways:

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