Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PART XXXVI: Biopsy #2

Biopsy #1 was done after the initial PSA tests. Hubby had moderately high scores, but the enlargement was the issue. We went to the urologist in Smiths Falls, who referred us to the Urologist at Ottawa Hospital. The robotic surgery (Jan, 2014)  only got some of the cancer cells. The cells have metastasized. This over a year. We've been tracking the cells through scans and other tests, more PSA tests, as well. Once the cells metastasize, they change, which makes tracking them more difficult.

Two MRIs, two bone scans, three CT Scans,  PSA tests every 3 months, 3-month check-ins with the urologist, one colonoscopy (negative), two cystoscopies. It's all a waiting game.


  • Take enema 3 hours prior.
  • Eat before, you want something on your stomach.
  • Arrive 30 min. prior.
  • Takes 2 hours.

The day

12:24 left house, checked the rain gauge before we left: 53mm rain over last night/this morning. scenic route! Gillian said we would get there for 1:37 = lots of time
1:45 JB took antibiotics in the car
2:01 arrived in the parking lot Back on 7th floor Cancer Assessment wing
we wait
2:35 taken into the room. Guy pacing, driving me nuts! I'm doing my embroidery. I realized someone took my wingnut off of the frame.

we wait more
Dr. Oz in on the TV, talking about stupid things. I changed the channel to CTV News.

3:25 back out, off we go home Bladder perforated, 3 samples taken. He felt pain, despite a local anesthetic.
5:19 Home, picked up dinner at O'Reilly's and brought it home to a weary hubby.

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