Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ontario Liberals slammed for delayed raise for personal support workers

They blame Wynne for this, but it is the for-profit long-term care and private agencies who are avoiding raising salaries. Removing mileage is cruel. That said, PSWs need better training, and regulation, not registration.
It's not a simple process to bring sick people out of hospitals. There simply isn't the money for providing the services they need. The non-profits have very real bottom lines, with limited resources, both human and financial.
Employers more accountable to shareholders than employees and taxpayers, have gotten around this mandated pay raise by other methods.
It is less expensive to provide group care than individual home care. Bottom line. 
We are short PSWs and nurses, as well as doctors who will provide home care. Our seniors deserve the best care possible.

The investigation also found that 27 mostly non-profit health-care agencies across the province are refusing to accept the government-funded increase and pass it on to their workers, while one of the largest private-sector employers of personal support workers in Ontario cut what it pays in mileage and travel time just after the first phase of the raise kicked in last fall, leaving some employees worse off than they were before the wage-enhancement program began.

A $4-an-hour increase over three years was first promised by the Liberal government last year


Cathy Rogers dashes hopes for higher pay for home care workers
Physicians from the acute care hospitals in the Horizon Health Network ... we're spending over half our budget on the long-term care and yet if I don't do ... Rogers would like for people to remain in their homes as long as possible. ... Give extra funding to nursing homes to care for seniors with extra care ...

Other recommendations included: 

  • Give seniors with physical problems access to specialized care beds that are designed only for dementia patients. 
  • Pay personal support workers and homecare workers for their travel to seniors homes. 
  • Move the care of nursing home beds under the Department of Health. 
  • Give extra funding to nursing homes to care for seniors with extra care requirements. 
  • Have social workers on call around the clock in hospitals to work with families with complex psychosocial care needs. 
  • Provide funding for residential care hospices for patients who are in the last three months of life who can't be cared for at home, but don't require a hospital bed.

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