Friday, April 3, 2015

Seniors stuck in hospital 'wastes' $170 million a year

Does this ever make me angry. Seniors 'wasting money,' as if they don't deserve the best care we can give them. If they cannot go home, they should be looked after properly. Cough up the money to find appropriate care.

Calgary Herald
Seniors stuck in hospital wastes $170 million a year, Liberals say
The rising number of patients stuck in hospitals while they wait for a ... health-care system tens of million of dollars each year, Alberta Liberals say. ... long term care spaces to reduce hospital overcrowding and contain health system ...

If those 822 people could be housed in the nursing homes beds most need instead of occupying acute care spaces that cost over four times as much to operate, Liberal Leader Dr. David Swann said they would receive more appropriate care and Alberta Health Services could save over $170 million annually.

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