Thursday, April 23, 2015

PART XXXIV: PSA Test & Colonoscopy results

I heard on CBC of a study that 1 in 7 healthcare visits are wasted when test results do not arrive.
So far, we've not had that problem in 33 visits. It happened this time. The colonoscopy report wasn't in, a failed fax (who knows where THAT report went?!) was the cause. Also, the biopsy report of the removed polyps. It's a good thing that hubby took notes in his recovery room with the doctor. I wasn't there, and couldn't take said notes. Our urologist had none of these notes. His office tracked them down that day, however.

Appt #34

9:30 left the house, took the North Gower route, Such a peaceful drive with Gillian GPS, along the backroads.

11:09 in the waiting room, fooled around with the iPad camera to pass the time. Then, I worked on my embroidery. Another patient's wife walked by and complimented me. She told me she did cross stitch, as well.
I can't read, since it's very distracting in the waiting room. One guy walked by, his Smartphone on speaker, speaking loudly into his phone as he strolled down the hallway.  Another woman complained that it was 12:15 and when would she be seen. Five minutes later they called her name, but she'd wandered over to the window and couldn't hear them. The receptionist spotted her and yelled 'Madam!'

It's important to have something to do...

11:45 closed the office reception!
closed for lunch!

Dr. Luke 

12:20 (for an 11:45 appointment!) we were ushered into the exam room.
~asked about bladder frequency.
~colonoscopy: no notes on electronic file
~We informed him that during the colonoscopy, they removed polyps for pathology, found something around prostate and wanted physical exam as well. None of this was on file.
~PSA is up to 1.1 (from 0.74 3 mos. ago)
Good doctor: he was talking to us about post-surgery therapy, high-fibre diets.
~ gave info on diet, soft bowel, high fibre cereal.
~Physical exam: feels something enlarged.

 Dr. C 

Distant recurrence, from January 2014 surgery, treatment ultimately antigen therapy. Typically the recurrence arises in the bones or lymph nodes. Curious: there are nodules around the rectum, not what we see typically. Not convincing of irregularity.
We will go to two more tests shortly: 1. MRI of pelvis, 2. Transrectal biopsy of the mucous of the rectum.

See what biopsy shows, could be post colonoscopy or prostate cancer-related, it was a COMPLETE resection Jan. 2014. ADT (hormones), could do radiotherapy. Wants to rule out what's happening in the rectum to rule out prostate cancer there.
Then come back and see Dr. C.
Off to validate the parking pass: $13.00

new bridge in Ottawa
1:25 made it to the parking lot and headed for home. We hadn't planned where to have lunch. We usually want to get out of the city by the afternoon. Hubby had taken a granola bar for a snack.

We'd have been home by 3:00, but we stopped for lunch.

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