Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How many languages do you speak?

I have a new respite client. He is prone to falls and for the peace of mind of his wife, I sit with him while she goes out.

He is deaf, from birth, and uses sign language. I've had to brush up on mine. I spent a lovely few hours with him, communicating, telling him about my critters, showing him photos, and laughing.
I bought a book I'd used with my students. I had a teaching assistant who knew sign language, and we'd secretly communicate with one another, over the heads of students!

In my classroom, we used to do Signed English for our morning recitation, World Prayer, by Lillian Mellen Genser:

I pledge allegiance to the world
To care for earth and sea and air
To cherish every living thing
With peace and justice everywhere.

My daughter used signs with her babies: milk, cookie, etc., before they were speaking. It's all communication and I loved it!
This is an amazing ad produced by Samsung, but well worth the watch. How easy it is to learn a few signs for someone in your neighbourhood!

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