Friday, January 30, 2015

PART XXXII: Follow-up with the Naturopath

Our delightful naturopath, Dr. Jenn, was very pleased with the results of the PSA test. It's gone from a too high post-op result with a slow increase.
Dr. Jen has put us on a wonderful regime of treatments that are designed to build up his immune system, as well as settle out his food intolerances.
It's so difficult managing two things at once.

Fecal test August fine.
Didn't have swollen nodes before the operation.
 The next appointment with Dr. at Ottawa Hospital is April.
Not taking prevacid and the other anti-acid pills.
BP seems OK. 111/56, 121/64,
If he has an upset much shorter duration. Sometimes he can figure out the cause.
Mild irritation every 3 - 4 days. Half of those too much coffee or a few things.
Maybe too much tomato. Very faithful about avoiding yeast, egg, dairy.
 Still taking Pectosol. Not causing gas or bloating anymore.
Another month of Hericium Erinaceus SAP - do another month. And a month of another product.
3 mos of nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea . EGCG alternate. Anti cancer drugs are good now that stomach issues are good.
Off exercise with back strain. Will get back to that. Studies talk about the link between BETA A and Increase Mulitsure for men, twice a day. Two caps/time.
Will switch to liquid calcium: better absorption and easier on the stomach. Take it before bed or in morning, coating stomach is good. Coversil in a.m.,
Do liquid calcium at bedtime. Pectosol should be away from everything. Move Pectosol at midmorning. Finish off calcium magnesium. Alternate with liquid.
Liquid calcium 1 tablespoon at bedtime.
Colon prep: the morning of colonoscopy, that night start back on highest dose of recovery probiotic, removes protective paint. ProBio SAP-90 afterwards.
Glutamine - not taking at all.
1. changing Multivitamin once old runs out.
2. PrioBio keep on dose, 1/day
3.Liquid calcium at bedtime, because soothing and better
4. Bio Enzymes
5. ECGC or Hericium Erinaceus

Keep rotating antiCancer products. Keep rotating nutrients.
Swollen lymph nodes can be from anything like the whole bowel thing. heck in with Dr. Jen in 3 mos. or so, especially when appointment for the colonoscopy.

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