Friday, January 30, 2015

PART XXXI: regular Urologist follow-up

At this point, we are checking in with the urologist every three months. Where has the time gone? Here is is the last week of January.
Between these appointments, hubby has a CT Scan and a PSA test.
Thankfully, his PSA has leveled off, if not gone down a tad (0.79 => 0.77). I've been keeping track of his scores on a graph.

The CT Scan showed some lymph node swelling. Our naturopath thinks this could be anything, including the body fighting  something else. That said, our Dr. want hubby to have a colonoscopy, just in case. The good news is, not another CT Scan for 6 months.
We're back to see him in another 3 months. I made sure to take photos, just for fun.

What was silly, is that we have been going here so long there is a new building on the site.

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