Sunday, January 18, 2015

Medical errors: cover-ups rather than lessons

Inside Canada's secret world of medical error: 'There is a lot of lying, there’s a lot of cover-up'

For the second time in short succession, she had fallen victim to health care gone badly awry. Just two years earlier, Ms. Church went to a nearby hospital to have an ovary removed as treatment for a painful cyst. She left hours later with the ovary still in place — and a piece of mesh embedded in her abdomen to repair a non-existent hernia. Then, months later, a specialist replaced an artificial, cataract-correcting lens that he said had started to wear. The result: That eye was now blind and growing increasingly painful. The ophthalmologist, another specialist told her later, had implanted the lens in the wrong position, obscuring her sight and puncturing a duct, causing a slow bleed and massive pressure.

Most instances of the Canadian health-care system hurting rather than healing patients are not even reported by staff internally, a Post investigation has...

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