Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Review: Diagnose Yourself

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At my age and stage of life, I've a few friends with chronic illnesses, as well as my hospice clients. In most cases, however, our Canadian system works well. I have clients with diagnosed illnesses, receiving the appropriate healthcare. In our diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, we've had nothing but the best from our medical appointments. They are efficient, but do take the time we need, but this is a quickly diagnosable disease.

The worst to identify in recent medical news in Canada, have been Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia and mental health issues, such as  PTSD. These are now more recognized by the medical profession, and treatments are becoming more
readily available. Other diseases, as indicated in Jenner's book, are not so simple. One depends, in the US, on insurance companies to pay for diagnosis and treatments, as well as physiotherapy, for example. Without this, patients can languish for years with chronic pain.

Jenner is very proactive, and has many of his expert strategies simplified on-line with worksheets that assist those with undiagnosed healthcare issues. Get your downloadable worksheets from the website! It's a good read, this book: well-written, and well-edited (my pet peeve)! He's quite active on Facebook, as well.

Diagnose the correct accurate cause of your health problem and medical symptoms. Get help from medical professional or self-diagnose cause on your own.

How do you feel about your doctor-patient relationship and the quality of your typical doctor visit? Make yourself heard - take the poll on his website and see how you compare to others!

Jenner's Biography

Reid Jenner is an acclaimed naturopathic problem-solving specialist with over twenty years’ experience designing, teaching, and facilitating root-cause analysis techniques in the health sector, with a successful record solving hundreds of health problems for clients with a wide range of maladies.  He is passionately focused on helping every patient use his or her personal health history to find the quickest, simplest, and least invasive permanent solution to each problem. In his experience, the vast majority of intractable problems can be solved in 60-120 minutes. His recently published book Diagnose Yourself outlines the process by which individuals can take more responsibility for their diagnosis and overall health management.

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