Thursday, December 4, 2014

Flu season arrives in Ottawa: 5 confirmed cases

Flu season arrives in Ottawa with 5 confirmed cases so far

Vaccine may not be as effective fighting H3N2 strain this year, expert says

Ottawa Public Health says there will be more as the virus spreads.
  • Immunizations at Ottawa's 19 community clinics are down from last year
  • about 8,700 people vaccinated in 2014/5 season (compared to about 11,100 people in 2013)
  • Hoping to vaccinate 57 % of adults, the same as 2013/4
  • Ottawa distributed nearly 370,000 doses of flu vaccine to physicians’ offices, than 170 pharmacies, hospitals and long-term care facilities.
  • In 2013/4 100+ people were hospitalized with lab-diagnosed cases of the flu
  • 15 people died from it, with the most deaths among seniors.

University of Ottawa experts says the H3N2 flu strain in this year's shot may have mutated since the vaccine was manufactured, meaning the vaccine might not be as effective. There are three strains of the virus in the vaccine.
It is spreading across Canada. Week 47, end of November.

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