Friday, October 31, 2014

Get a flu shot! It can't hurt, might help

Fluwatch season
What do you think? I think too many have been harmed by clueless public celebrities who do not know the truth.
Get a shot.
get a flushot!
Week 42

Three Albertans have died from the flu this season

Three Albertans — two in Edmonton and one in the province’s South zone — have died from the flu so far this season. Nearly two weeks after flu vaccination clinics opened across the province, Alberta Health Services issued its first numerical flu update of the season on Thursday.
  • three deaths,
  • 30 Albertans have been admitted to hospital
  • 66 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza A so far
  • 8 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza B

  1. This year's more virulent Eterovirus seems on the wane

    Toronto Star-Oct 19, 2014Share
    By: Joseph Hall News reporter, Published on Sun Oct 19 2014 ...Ontario has had more than 160 confirmed cases. It has been linked to seven deaths in the U.S., though none in Canada. ... yet far less ballyhooed viral threat — the annual influenza that kills tens of thousands across the continent each year — is in the offing.

Flu shot promotion goes 'viral'

The Sudbury Star-Oct 28, 2014Share
Ontario offers a free flu shot to individuals aged six months and older. ... universal influenza immunization program prevents 300 deaths, 1, 000 ...

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