Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dying With Dignity: what a powerful day!

Our Voices for Choice
Resounded Across the Nation

Yesterday, hundreds of Canadians from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Colombia, and 7 other cities in between, rallied in support of assisted dying. 

Missed the hearing? Watch the podcast here.

Thousands more have signed the pledge and we continue to build our voice through social media. We raised our collective voices and stood in solidarity with Gloria Taylor, Kay Carter, Sue Rodriguez and many others who wished for an assisted death.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada heard compelling testimony in support of assisted dying. Although it will likely be months before a decision is released, it's clear that this is a discussion that is not going away.

Today, we continue onward as there is still so much to do. In the past three months, Dying With Dignity Canada has hired new staff; commissioned with Ipsos Reid, the most comprehensive national poll ever conducted on the issue of assisted dying, and with the help of dozens of dedicated volunteers, organized the first ever National Day of Action and Solidarity in support of assisted dying.

Friends, our work is not done yet. 

Tomorrow and in the months to come, we need to continue our work to make sure the Canadian public and our leaders recognize the magnitude of support for assisted dying. We could not have gotten this far without you, our generous supporters. Please donate now to help us keep the momentum going.

With appreciation and hope,
Wanda Morris, CEO
Dying With Dignity Canada

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