Friday, September 26, 2014

PART XXVIII: CT Scan #2 at the Civic

Here we are, parking in the sun.
Another trip to the city for another test. The blood tests can be done here in town, which is a relief:
-blood tests
-creatinine test (required before the CT Scan, as it could cause kidney issues if you already have some)
-another PSA test, just before the next consult with the urologist -once all these tests are done, well, redone. They were done in November, 2013, just before the treatment plan, which included the surgery.

The Civic is tricky as parking is tough some days. An afternoon appointment is better, despite driving home in rush hour traffic. Staff go off shift at 3:00 and you can find a spot.
Parking isn't cheap, but it goes to the hospital

Some people have an injection of the dye, others have to drink a vile concoction, about which they complained. The receptionist was fabulous, directing traffic, reminding you where the elevator and the door was.
  • Left the house at 1:25 
  • 1:30 Picked up bird seed on the way in.
  • 2:45 Found parking outside in the sun!  
  • 3:00 stood in line for Timmy Ho's coffee and bagel. 
  • 3:10 checked in with reception 
  • 3:40 taken in for shot halls cleaned - floor still seems dirty! 
  • 4:05 shot up, and scanned, pink cheeks, hot flash is a symptom of the dye. 
  • 6:09 in O'Reilly's pub for dinner. Another long day.
It's fun to play with the iPad apps.

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