Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Care plans in a long-term care

Written orders are important if the patient is in a facility. Family members must participate in this process to determine that needs are met.
Ontario has too many lousy for-profit long-term care homes (about 500/640 institutions).

•Bathing: often only weekly.
•Personal Hygiene: dental care, nail and footcare. Hand washing!
•Cognition: reminders of the day date time and appropriate activities and events.
•Behavior: praise the good, redirect the bad. Medications if only necessary.
•Dressing: appropriate choices for the weather, and the temperature of the institution.
•Grooming: hair, face, hands.
•Eating: frequency and portion control.
•Elimination (Toileting, including bowel and bladder hand washing!
•Mobility: exercising and strengthening (PT).
•Transfers: moving residents regularly, not sitting uncomfortably for hours in a wheelchair. Enough staff following mealtimes. Working equipment. Detailed procedures and posters (OT).
• Medications: a clear chart of what and when, delivered on time.
Housekeeping, cooking, laundry and cleaning are not part of patient care.

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