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Magazine Review: Comfort Life: Retirement Living Guide

Zoomer Philosphy

editorial in his July/August issue
open letter to PEI Premier Robert Ghiz
To quote Znaimer,
"In 1995, F.D. Wolinsky published a study involving a group of 75-year-old adults he tracked over a period of severn years to discover their hospital and doctor's offie usage. He found that nearly half his study group didn't go near a hospital in those seven years; they were leading healthy, active lives, travelling, volunteering, taking care of their grandchildren. Another quarter only visited the hospital once in those same seven years."
Most of us are aging well in place, magazines, with good information, like Comfort Life and Zoomer, help us make good choices.

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I'm not often sent a magazine to review! This magazine includes many topics I've written about on my Ontario Seniors blog. Issues that confront those, like me, who are living in retirement. This is the 12th issue of Comfort Life, and one well worth the read.

It's a very positive magazine, none of the fearmongering you read in many media articles where they complain about we retirees who are going to wreak havoc on our healthcare system, home care and hospitals. Moses Znaimer, publisher of Zoomer magazine, wrote an editorial in his July/August issue, condemning those who cite faulty statistics. He wrote an open letter to PEI Premier Robert Ghiz who is guilty of this fearmongering in a speech to the CPP 2014 Forum. Our aging population is doing quite well, thank you very much. We need information, based on our needs, not fears.

The ads are, of course, ubiquitous, for this is how magazine continue to pay their way, but the photos include real people, enjoying retirement living in good health, or looking for other options.

The information in Comfort Life magazine, while sponsored by the for-profit community, is up-to-date and is specific about the range of care types, cost per month, and contact information.

 In my volunteer work across this province, I've worked with many happy, healthy seniors who continue to volunteer in their 70s and 80s. The articles are well-written, informative and do not talk down to retirees who are looking for a range of options.
Some of the articles:
  • ‘Why Canadians are Choosing Home Care’
  • ‘Should I Help My Parents Cover the Costs of Retirement Living?’
  • ‘Having “the Talk”’ 
  • ‘Helping Your Loved One Flourish in Their Retirement Community’

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