Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baby boomers fear future health-care costs

Those opinion polls are just awful. We're living longer and we're living healthier lives. These scare tactics are ridiculous, especially when it is the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) who paid for the poll. We have volunteers, such as those delivering Meals on Wheels, who are living long, healthy, meaningful lives. Media only reports of those who are abused or fall through the cracks.

What is the answer?

Firstly, we must take responsibility for ourselves. Eat well; exercise mind, body and spirit; participate; volunteer; everything in moderation; demand accountable physicians. Ours have been fabulous throughout our journey confronting cancer.

It's high time physicians took responsibility for wait times, inability to get appointments with medical staff, uncooperative physicians, physicians who screen potential patients, physicians who are few and far between at homes, and the lack of care in LTC. It's also time we stopped opinion polls and simply reported data.

It's shameful for the CMA to point fingers at The System, when many (but not all) in the CMA are part of the problem.

A strong majority of Canadians aged 45 and older are anxious about their financial future and their ability to pay for uninsured prescription drugs and other health expenses, a new poll finds. Eight in 10 aren't convinced they will be able to find or afford a decent home or long-term care should they need it, according to the Canadian Medical Association's annual "report card" on health. 

The Ipsos-Reid poll of 1,000 Canadians aged 45 and older was released Monday to coincide with the opening of the CMA's annual meeting in Ottawa.

  • 81 % of those polled said they are worried about the quality of health care they can expect when they're older
  • 60% have little faith hospitals and long-term care facilities have the resources even now to handle the needs of a rapidly greying population, or that there will be enough services to help seniors live at home longer. 
Baby boomers fear future health-care costs
Six in 10 have little faith hospitals and long-term care facilities have the ... But the proportion of health dollars spent on seniors' care has budged little ...

Seniors care is the paramount health care issue of our time, says the new Canadian Medical Association President Dr.�Chris Simpson.

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