Thursday, July 24, 2014

The myths of medical marijuana abound...


Representatives of licensed medical marijuana companies are being sent to doctors' offices as part of the push to get hesitant physicians to prescribe the drug more often. 

President of the Canadian Medical Association shares concerns about Medical Marijuana – Tweed Inc. responds

July 24, 2014 by 

This is ridiculous. The president of the CMA feels that Tweed should be sending out drug reps to explain the use, not abuse, of medical marijuana. What fearmongering, that doctors will be intimidated by patients, based on one anecdote.
What makes me laugh is the negative headline in the Ottawa Citizen story. Pharmas have wooed doctors with free samples for expensive drugs, and office visits for years!

Tweed tweets:
"We are proud of our R&D team and the work they are doing in partnership with and "

Interesting the research finally begins, from two of my three alma maters (B.A. and B.Ed.), which are excellent teaching hospitals. We've found that the prostate cancer treatments from our c

We have big pharmaceuticals pushing heavy-duty opiod drugs, and I don't know why the Canadian Medical Association president is so afraid of this. Many of my hospice clients could find relief from this drug. The CMA president needs to move into the new millennium! Many patients are prescribed drugs, to determine if they work. My students were often put on Ritalin and we had an intense, sophisticated set of observation forms to ensure that they were working properly, or were contraindicated. Physicians need to do the same. Individual trials for individual patients. Doctors are also afraid of pain medications. The myths of pain management abound, especially in the medical profession.

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