Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is the purpose of long-term care?

Most of Ontario's LTC homes are for-profit institutions. When senior advocates call for changes and improvements to LTC, they fail to realize that most of these institutions are NOT government-run. In fact, the Ontario government has long been deconstructing the institutionalisation of both young and old, whether or not they have alternate care strategies in place.

CBC Ontario has done some research and has found that too many young people are being housed in LTC, since there is no other alternative. Group homes, again, are run by for-profits. I have had many students, wards of the court, who are in private, for-profit group homes.
Typical government, however, in that they develop no other strategies, leaving families to cope and struggle caring for developmentally disabled, adult children.

Nursing home life a struggle for young developmentally disabled people

'I don’t want to stay here forever' says 33-year-old Peter Farrah of Ottawa
The Ontario government has committed to a process of de-institutionalization for those adults, starting with the closure several years ago of facilities including the Rideau Regional Centre in Smiths Falls. However, many are still waiting for the government to provide the supports they need to live outside such institutions.

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