Monday, April 7, 2014

Tweed calls in RCMP for supervision; pot is seized

Just when we thought healthcare, and the feds, were moving into the new millennium...
Tweed has a licence to grow, and plans to help those who use pot. Unfortunately, the RCMP seized it. 
Tweed's budding business hits slight snag with B.C. pot delivery
Tweed Marijuana Inc. became the first publicly traded medical pot company in Canada on Friday, but behind the scenes the...

The case seems to highlight an ongoing confusion around the old legal regime, which allowed licensees to grow medical pot in their basements, and the new regime, which restricts production to commercial growers, such as Tweed. Before the April 1 switch to the new regulatory regime, individuals who previously had personal-production licenses were allowed to sell what “starting materials” they had, such as seeds and plants, to one of the new commercial producers.

Medical Marijuana in Canada: typical government bureaucracy

As mall owners and stock holders have allowed big box stores to dominate the market, small family businesses are going bankrupt. This is the same, growers warn, of the small growers upon whom many medical marijuana users depend. They cannot afford the premium stuff.

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