Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is this elder abuse or plain fraud?

This senior hired a personal support worker. She took over the woman's life. She, and her family (husband, 2 kids) moved in with the victim, placing her in a small bedroom. Then they stole and sold her belongings.  She lost her life savings of $25,000.

Thankfully, the man who delivers her prescriptions from the pharmacy reported that something was wrong. This is why seniors need patient advocates, and well-trained caregivers, who are registered and monitored by a governing agency. This is the sort of situation where family and friends need to be wary, if seniors allow themselves to be exploited this way.

The police claim that this is an underreported crime, citing vague numbers of between 2 - 10% of all seniors facing abuse. There is little research to support these numbers.
For the most part, we have bank managers, caregiver agencies, and other support staff, who can and do monitor the lives of at-risk seniors.
I'm surprised that the bank would permit this to happen.

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