Friday, April 4, 2014

Canada has a crisis in nurse staffing

Excellent article...

Media keeps reporting that 'the system is broken'. It's not. We are short-staffed and the stress is killing the profession. Media-bashing of healthcare needs to stop.
Let us laud those who make a difference.

Canada's nursing crisis worse than ever

It's a damning, disastrous cycle: Not enough nurses to fill shifts. Rushed and harried staff who must scramble to provide proper care for patients. Young nurses scared off by poor working conditions, just when they are desperately needed to fill vacancies. Mid-career nurses who burn out and flee the profession, creating even more empty spaces.

More nursing seats have been funded across Canada in recent years, but nurses say the influx of new employees does little to repair the problem. Even though 8,000 nurses will graduate this year, the Canadian Nurses Association says there are 12,000 vacancies across the country; Winnipeg alone has 870 empty spots.  

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