Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crowded Ontario Hospitals

Reporting data is a tricky thing. Apparently mistakes have been made.

Our local hospital: Smiths Falls/Perth: 81 beds, at 80% capacity.
Ottawa Hospital, a teaching hospital, has 964 beds, with a 92% occupancy rate.
Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids: 257 beds, 110% occupancy.
Ottawa CHEO: 147beds, with a 79% occupancy.

 Occupancy Rate by Hospital - Q3-Apr-Dec

Health ministry data on hospital overcrowding riddled with errors 

Many industrialized countries keep occupancy rates at or below 85% so hospitals can safely care for patients when there’s a surge in demand. Studies and experts have linked overcrowded wards to higher death rates and outbreaks of superbugs.
But in Ontario, 87 of 151 hospitals were above 85% capacity the last three months of 2013, including 33 that topped 95% and 12 that were at or above 100%.

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