Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GE Healthcare Launches Free iPad App for People with Neurological Disorders And Their Caregivers

Here is news:

WHO: Make an Impact on Neurological Disorders (MIND) is GE Healthcare’s company-wide commitment to identifying and addressing gaps in current frameworks for the prediction, detection, diagnosis, and care of people with neurological disorders. We are working with expert organizations and individuals around the world to promote education and drive efforts to support clinicians, patients, families, and caregivers affected by neurological disorders. The App is available now for free at the iTunes store or

WHAT:           The MIND App will provide a unique experience for people with neurological disorders and their caregivers by providing meaningful activities that they can enjoy together. The App helps users connect - emotionally, physically, and interactively – through the art and music. Most importantly, the MIND App is fun, stimulating, and creates an important vehicle for expression.

WHYArt and music can evoke strong emotional responses, which may persist longer than the memory of the experience. For example, many people with Parkinson’s disease experience a temporary pause of symptoms while engaged in a creative activity[i]. Additionally, research suggests that listening to music can have some benefit to people who have Alzheimer's disease by relieving stress, and by reducing anxiety, depression and agitation.[ii] These reasons have led to the creation of numerous social programs at museums and dance studios worldwide for people living with neurological disorders.

HOW:             The art pathway of the app will engage its users with a variety of features, e.g.  a virtual art gallery where users can observe great works of art; create their own version of the masterpieces; work together to solve puzzles, and play matching game activities, and reminisce.  The movement pathway of the MIND app demonstrates how when you play a song, sing along to it, and add dance steps, it may produce joy and temporary relief. 
Users can create their own music, watch dance and exercise videos and enjoy music from different countries.

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