Saturday, February 8, 2014

Activities for visitors and senior friends

Not such a bad idea, however it might be presumptuous to make holiday cards with those who have dementia.

use wisdom cards


Choose 3, don't look, tell a story with them

read poems

write poems

matching games



clay work

adult themes

Large puzzles for those with dementia




101 Meaningful Activities

This is a sample list of activities that can work:

  1. Listen to music
  2. Toss a ball
  3. Colour pictures
  4. Make homemade lemonade
  5. Count trading cards
  6. Clip coupons
  7. Sort poker chips
  8. Read out loud chapters from favourite stories
  9. Rake leaves
  10. String beads
  11. Bake cookies
  12. Take photos of the person and you and create a collage
  13. Brush or comb one another’s hair
  14. Participate in the Walk for Memories
  15. Plant seeds indoors and outdoors
  16. Look at family photographs
  17. Go for a walk
  18. Weed the flowerbed or tend to the garden
  19. Fold laundry
  20. Have a friend visit with a pet
  21. Cut pictures out of greeting cards or magazines
  22. Play dominoes
  23. Ask the person about his or her favourite childhood books or cartoon characters (you can share yours too)
  24. Bake bread
  25. Sort objects by shape or colour
  26. Sing old songs
  27. Invite the person to tell you more when he or she talks about a memory
  28. Polish shoes
  29. Make a Valentine card
  30. Sing
  31. Ask the person about his or her family
  32. Bake
  33. Play with tops or yoyos
  34. Make a scrapbook
  35. Take a walk around the yard
  36. Write a poem together
  37. Reminisce about the first day of school
  38. Build a bird feeder
  39. Make a fresh fruit salad
  40. Do yard work/house work
  41. Tell jokes
  42. Fly a kite
  43. Have an afternoon tea party
  44. Talk about great inventions
  45. Look through the pages of a clothes catalogue
  46. Look at a map of Canada or other countries and identify provinces, states, and capitals
  47. Make a family tree poster
  48. Paint a picture
  49. Eat a picnic lunch outside
  50. Water house plants
  1. Play games
  2. Dance to music
  3. Watch a movie together
  4. Make homemade ice cream
  5. Make greeting cards
  6. Reminisce about favourite sports activities the person enjoyed while growing up
  7. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  8. Dress in your favourite football or soccer team’s colour
  9. Play an instrument
  10. Name prime ministers and presidents
  11. Give a manicure
  12. Make paper butterflies
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Read headlines
  15. Feed the squirrels
  16. Model with play dough
  17. Look at pictures in a comic book
  18. Put a puzzle together
  19. Sand wood
  20. Give them a hand massage
  21. Arrange fresh or dried flowers
  22. Talk about infamous people
  23. Recite nursery rhymes, games
  24. Make peanut butter sandwiches
  25. Cut up used paper for scratch paper
  26. Blow bubbles
  27. Take care of a fish tank
  28. Bake cupcakes or gingerbread men
  29. Interview the person about his or her life using either a video camera or cassette recorder (See: Life Review)
  30. Water plants
  31. Make holiday decorations
  32. Make a collage
  33. Put coins in a jar
  34. Put bird seed out for the birds
  35. Decorate a fruit or veggies
  36. Reminisce: favourite summer
  37. Roll yarn into a ball
  38. Trace and cut out autumn leaves
  39. Cook together
  40. Sort through a drawer
  41. Polish silver or brass
  42. "The happiest time of my life"
  43. Spend time: knitting or sewing
  44. Make a picture frame out of popsicle sticks and glitter
  45. Play a musical instrument
  46. Keep a journal together
  47. Ask the person to talk about his or her favourite sports hero
  48. Sort playing cards
  49. Ask the person about their childhood
  50. Wash windows
  51. Ask the person about their first car

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